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1 This has the best view in the whole of college. In the morning, a full on sunrise over New Buildings and Cloisters, and the deer park through the other window.

Very big on floor space, but a low ceiling, with some sloping walls. Posters fall off these very easily.

Bathroom next door, shower and loo downstairs.

The carpet is not good - it is in two bits and one has an iron mark on it.

Lighting is good in the morning, but no natural light coming in during the afternoons. It has two ceiling lights, both of which have nasty shades.

Fourth floor - youll get fit.

Basically, if a view makes you happy, youll love it. But if the comfort factor comes high on your priority list, it is probably not the place.

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2 Okay so this room is small, probably smaller than the 'flete, but it's so much cosier. In fact I'd give this room top marks for snugness. Also there's a GORGEOUS view of the deer park and grove. There's a fair amount of storage space, if shoving things under the bed counts! You can store boxes and stuff in the neat little cubby-holes on either side of the window. It's nice and quiet up here, though the walls are thin so you can hear your next door neighbour quite loudly, as well as doors slamming. The only kitchen is the other side of longwall and down one flight of stairs, and it's so small and crowded that it's only just worth the walk!
Having said that, I really love my room. The view is great, and the room has a homely feel about it.
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Nice bits...
...Longwall Attics 3 is a small but cosy room with wicked sloping ceilings
(loads of character!) and lots of storage space. It has its own sink with
big mirror and Ive just secured a mini-fridge for the room (and all the
other rooms along the corridor). Unlike the rest of Longwall and Swithuns, its got a great corridor atmosphere so if you are pining for the Waynflete setup then you would do well to consider this room as one of your options (unless you are higher up in the room ballot and Cloisters Attics are within your reach). Oh, and there is a top view of the deer park. And its opposite the library.

Nasty bits...
...At the moment, the furniture is not particularly nice (apart from the
fridge) and the room is cold. There is also limited light (its north-facing)
which is a pain in the winter. And if youre not fitness-minded then you
wont like the trek upstairs (not, incidentally, as bad as the trek up to
New Buildings Attics).

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4 This is a nice, cosy room with cool sloping ceilings and a good view of Grove and the deer park. It's smaller than most second year rooms though, and while there's quite a lot of storage space hidden behind the wall, it can be difficult to get to. Also, if you live in the Waynflete and have had enough of the hideous curtains by now, I must warn you that you get the same curtains in this room (and all other Longwall rooms, I think.)
If you want to be on a corridor, the Longwall Attic rooms are good and you should be able to get a room here even if you're fairly low down in the room ballot. However, don't expect the same corridor atmosphere as in the Waynflete. You probably see a bit more of people here than you would do in most staircase rooms but most of the time it's very quiet. The stairs are an obvious disadvantage anyway and if seeing lots of people is more important to you than getting any work done, you'd probably be better off in a ground floor staircase room.
This probably sounds more negative than it actually is - on the whole, I like my room a lot.
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5 I don't think that there is a lot of point in giving yet another detailed description of a LW Attic room because they're all about the same (except for 1 and 7). I think that the views and snugness of the room more than make up for the smaller size and I definitely prefer these rooms to many of the smaller St. Swithuns rooms. These rooms are often some of the last to go in walls (being in walls is very nice) and so even if you are quite low down the ballot there is a good chance of swiping one. (Edit) yes no no
6 Longwall Attics 6 is cosy with a bedside and desk light. It has loads of hidden storage space under the sloping walls, and a really wide book case. Has just been decorated (Xmas 2000) Good view over the deer park and Grove Buildings. No lockable storage space, quiet (thick walls), next to the toilet, north facing . Its up six flights of stairs which is annoying when youre loading and unloading at the beginning and the end of term. There is a large cupboard on Longwall staircase 1 which can be used for vacation storage though. Shower, bath and (very small!) kitchen just on the floor below. (Edit) yes no no
7 This is a fairly small room, but definitely not cramped. The sloping ceilings are very cool and its quite well laid out, with sink area hidden round the corner creating both cosiness and the illusion of space! Plenty of wardrobe and shelf space, but could do with a few more storage drawers. View onto Longwall Street can be distracting. Noise never tends to be a problem here, unlike most of Longwall quad downstairs, and theres now a fridge, which is great as the kitchen facilities in Longwall are ridiculously bad. Overall - comfortable, lots of character, and a sociable corridor/staircase atmosphere, but with the option of hiding away to work when necessary.


Nice room, quite small but cosy, with cool sloping ceilings. Overlooks Longwall St but that's not normally a problem for noise as there's double glazing. The worst thing is that the hot water frequently isn't working. Apart from that a nice room. (Edit)
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