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1 Number 1 Cloisters Attic is a total beast of a room, without doubt the
best in Cloisters Attic and arguably the premiere second year room. It is by far the biggest Cloisters has to offer, and as it has nothing on one side and the staircase on the other is one of the most peaceful.
Yet it is only a stone"s throw from the JCR, bar and hall meaning that you are ideally placed for those big nights out (ooerrr...).
It is directly above the JCR therefore occasionally noisy and has little by way of view, but all in all this is a room to fight to get into.
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2 This is one of the smaller rooms in Cloisters attic (same size as 16, about 2/3 of the size of the other clattics rooms) but it is still of reasonable size and has a cosy feel to it. The beams give it character and the window seat gives somewhere nice to sit. It is just above the JCR and from the window there are views of Addisons walk and the bar-which is
interesting as you occasionally get to see people pissing off the roof! People do sometimes seem to consider the landing outside the room as an extension of the OKB &JCR though, especially on bop nights...! The big downside of clattics is that the walls are conversation level thin, but because you are between the shower room and the stairs you dont get too much noise from nextdoor neighbours (although you do get to hear interesting renditions of popular songs that people sing in the shower when they think no one can hear) (Edit)
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3 It is a really nice room with quite a good arrangement of units etc. You can see part of the deer park and Addisons although it does also look over the bar toilet (nice). However, this means it has the hidden advantage of being within about two seconds distance from the bar, JCR, hall, the shop, MCR, JCR dining room, e-mail room etc. (i.e. you can be an extremely lazy git if you live there.) It is also next to one of the best showers in college. It is a bit dark although I am trying to get them to give me normal light-bulbs which may solve the problem, and it is not always the quietest of places to live (the floor-boards creak a lot and the walls are very thin so pick your neighbours carefully.)

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4 Standard Cloisters Attic room, overlooks deer park. Walls are a bit thin, but the room is very nice.
It has a fridge, wooden beams and a window seat. You cant see the deer park as well as in some of the later views (youll have to stand at the window), but on a sunny morning the view is stunning. The room is very light in the mornings if the suns shining, but can be a bit dark in the late afternoon.
Stunning placed for hall, the bar, the jcr etc, and is above the MCR so you rarely get too much noise from below (its all from your neighbours, but thats not often a problem if everyone has their own music on) (Edit)
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5 A typical Cloisters attic room: very cosy but also spacious-feeling. Brilliant scout. Window seat, beams visible: all very pleasant generally BUT is very, very poorly lit and has consistently driven me insane due to installation of energy saving light bulbs which means the room takes 30 minutes to light up after dark, and even when fully lit is so pathetic that you can barely read in it. Also, Cloisters is extremely unsound-proof and you will hear your neighbours drawing their curtains, talking on their phones, and flicking through the pages of their books. Not for those of a noisy disposition. (Edit) yes no no
6 Really great spacious room, with a lovely view of the deer park and Addisons. Window seat an added bonus. Brilliantly located for the bar, JCR shop and anything else you want. Especially good if you get a cool bunch of people living with you. Shower very powerful, none of those useless drippy things here! Free phone within college. BUT - the walls are really incredibly thin, you can hear everything your neighbours do (and I mean everything!) and vice versa. Not usually too much of a problem if you get on with them and feel able to tell them to shut up. But probably not the room for you if you are a finalist or other studious type who likes to work in your room. Also quite dark, except first thing in the morning, you generally need all the lights and lamps on. All in all, a fabulous room though - go for it.
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7 This room is a clean, spacious, and well designed room, with an excellent view of the Addisons walk deer park (beautiful in summer). It has easy, nearby access to the JCR, hall and Bar, making the hours between work that much simpler. Fridge included, as is a window seat. Nice!

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8 Nice view on dear park, very little noise from the road. Quite a lot of sunlight, expecially in the mornings as it is more or less east-facing. Noise levels depend on your neighbour, the walls are quite thin so you tend to hear if they are noisy. Otherwise, it is a great room nice and spacious and has good furniture and a fridge in it. Artificial lighting in the room is not very bright, so add a couple of lamps. it is next to the loo which is practical and not far from the bathroom. Unfortunately the kitchen factilities are non-existent so be prepared for hall as it close by. That is all there is to say really, top room all in all. love it.

Nice room, not too big, but well furnished. Cheeky little window seat with a good view and the classic cloisters attic panels make a cosy little room. Location is quality for the bar and hall. So all in all good "high postion on the ballet room".

Downsides: floorboards in the corridor creak to buggery and the room is next to a toilet. Also the walls are thin, so if you're getting laid either on your own or with a friend, you've got to be extra careful (unless your neighbour likes that kind of thing - Steve!)"
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9 Largish room for cloisters attic with an attractive view over Addisons field. Very nice and tucked away in a quiet corner of the corridor. A little noise from the boiler and toilet next door but nothing to worry about especially.
Can get a little dark in one corner of the room and the desk is a little small to put a computer on (although this is the same for all rooms in CA) but otherwise a good room. (Edit)
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10 Small, quaint and cosy with argueably THE best view in Oxford- overlooking addisons walk and the deer park. Decor in good shape, all lights work, taps for hot and cold water. Lots of lovely old beams too- perfect for sticking postcards on. Oh...and a window seat. Hall, Bar, JCR shop and JCR all within 100m (no, I havent measured that).
Downsides of this room ? Well...thin walls, smaller than most of the other rooms in Cloisters Attic, and not a great deal of cupboard space. Probably best suited to those of a tidy nature....
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11 (Edit) yes no no
12 (Edit) yes no no
13 Lovely big room with prime viewing position of New Buildings. Perfect for anyone
who fancies a bit of Dr. Walker-spotting. Just remember to shut your curtains
if you enjoy being in the more 'natural' state at times...unless you want him
to sit peering through binoculars at you...
Good points: middle of corridor (not next to slamming door), within easy reach
of quality hot shower and loo which floods regularly when it rains. Loads
of storage space and chatty scout (Pam). If you can't be bothered to put the
kettle on for a cuppa, the water comes out the hot tap at 100oC. Has a sofa too.
Bad points: thin walls (not a problem if you're deaf), dark during most of the
day (and night) which is a problem if you want to work and not fall asleep..
Not for those who don't like stairs...
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14 This room is surely one of the best rooms you could have in your second year. It has a nice character to it with large Oak beams holding up the roof, and is a decent size. It is well furnished with built in wardrobe and desk (none of that tat you get in your first year) and has plenty of storage space. This room will be decorated again before October 2002. Locationally you get a nice
view of new buildings (especially when sat on the window seat) and can see the deer park. It is near both the bar, JCR, JCR shop and wine shop. However, on the bad side is that the windows face the wrong direction so it can be dingy, but a decent uplight will sort this out. Also you can have a conversation with your neighbour as the walls are so thin.
In conclusion: I came 7th in the ballot and chose this room for good reason.

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15 Standard north-facing CA room: pretty much the same as all the others except 1, 11 & 16. Good condition; spacious (though low ceiling), nicely decorated, beams.
Not much natural light (due to orientation) but good view of New Buildings/Deer Park. Average bed, small fridge, good sink unit, coffee table, bedside table, narrow desk, reasonable bookshelf shelves, plenty of drawer and wardrobe space. One small lockable cupboard. One sit-up chair, one more comfortable (though not very). Window seat (good). Usually well heated although system can be temperamental. Thin walls, but never a problem (toilet/shower one side, room the other). Three double sockets. Occasional odd smell. Friendly scout. (Edit)
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16 My room is one of the smallest on this corridor but on the plus side it has one of the best views, overlooking New Buildings lawn. It is right next to the stairs so lugging all your stuff up is easy. It is also next to the showers and toilet so a bonus there as well. on the down side there is no kitchen to speak of and the washers and driers in New Buildings are tyhe closest, but it really is no great hardship. it is very Wayneflete esque in atmosphere and also has a kicking window seat, nice decor and good work vibes. i like it and if your midway on the ballot do not pick a swithans room come here instead. p.s. not far from the JCR, hall or the bar, bonus!!! (Edit) yes no no
17 A spacious, very well-furnished and cosy room, with wooden beams, a window seat
and a great view of the splendour that is New Buildings. Has lots of storage space and it tends to be warm because it's in the attic and traps the heat.
The showers are superb.

This room is next to the door, which you do hear it open and close, and the walls are not particularly thick, but the Attics tend to be quite quiet generally and noise is not a problem. The room is north facing so you don't get the sun, but the view compensates and the room is very light anyway. It is
two flights of stairs up - hard work or good for the thighs, depending on how you look at it. The kitchen is a bit of a trek and pretty limited, but at least it exists.This is a lovely big second year room. The attics are pretty modern so
everything is new and shiny but still has the authentic beams and huge window
seat with a beautiful view over new buildings. Other bonuses are its nice and
warm and very near all central college things- you dont even have to change out
of your pjamas to go to the jcr. I was second in the ballot and think i did
pretty well out of it. only bad thing is the walls are REALLY thin- you really
can hear spoken conversation in the next room, but its not so bad as this room
is only next to one other. Showers are good up here too. major bonus- trust me.
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18 (Edit) yes no no