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My room is totally huge and has a bathroom and a grand piano BUT it is really badly lit (ie the living room has only 2 windows and when it is dark, the overhead lights in all rooms do not do anything as they are energy-saving bulbs...)
There is no coffee table which is a bit bizarre as there is a sofa, and there is
very little room to put anything (such as cupboards or drawers). It is right next to the kitchen which is great when you want to cook and there does not seem to be much noise as the rooms seem to be quite well soundproofed.
Nice carpet! The rooms are also very warm once you figure out the thermostats.
(Watch out for the sharp corners on the pillars which are just at head-height). (Edit)
yes yes yes
2 Piano room (Edit) yes yes yes
3 The room is too dim ,shine upon by a single pathetic bulb high up your ceiling.That is probably the only bad point.The plus point is that the kitchen is just below so it is really convenient .Faces the quad as well so u can look out of your window and drop ur keys to the person pressing your bell .So u wont have to walk down the stairs to open the door.
yes no yes
4 nice atmos, damn good views, nice flat roof for summer fun. very loud doors, otherwise quiet, kitchen vents outside window cause slight smells. nice landing outside room which is useful as sitting room. sloping roof on both sides of room a little irritating. (Edit) yes no yes