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1 Very nice room. Has shower and toilet. People can look in the window though ,
no matter how hard you try to arrange the curtains.
Very convenient for bar and highstreet.
Bit dark in there. Have to leave all the lights on constantly.
Better than Wayneflete.
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3 Nice ground floor room with fantastic view over the deerpark.
Large tree in front of the window makes the room slightly gloomy.
Very quiet


It's a brilliant room, but I'm a picky person and the following things annoy
me slightly: lack of hooks, drawers and general storage space; lack of light; banging, rattling and squeaking of doors elsewhere on the staircase. Also bear in mind that the Grove isn't the friendliest of places - there's not a single communal room on the whole staircase so you don't get to know your neighbours. Nevertheless! Great room all in all, and having my own shower room easily makes up for any minor niggles.
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4 The room is a great size since there is no fireplace as with no. 3 opposite, which means it is almost square. There is really only one fault with the room, while it is on the ground floor and looks out into the Deer Park, most of the light (and in the summer a lot of the view) is obscured by a large tree about 3m away from the window! There is a free standing light in the room which makes this bearable. The bathroom is smaller than some in Grove A but perfectly formed. The room was repainted last year so in very good nick! (Edit)
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6 (Edit)
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7 This is an average Grove room, overlooking the Grove quad and the auditorium, but is not actually overlooked by any other rooms itself. It can be dark at times, but then so can all other rooms in college, and if you bring enough lamps it will be fine. It is a warm room.(Edit)
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8 THIS ROOM NUMBER NO LONGER APPLIES (See Room 10 instead) CH 17/02/20

This is a better room than most in grove for two reasons: it is light (due to the two windows) and it is big (due to the space). It has a good view of the tower and the deer park, and is equipped like all grove rooms are. It would be good for girls with lots of dresses, as it has four wardrobes, and no drawers.
It falls down due to the lack of space for make-up/general girly things in the bathroom (this is a serious issue). It also gives one the ability to spy on all
those in longwall, and all those who ever walk through college. if you like gossiping, this may be the room for you.

(Unfortunately, this room can only be given to corrupt ex-JCR Presidents, who take it with the express purpose of annoying Tom Ranson. No one else need apply.)

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9 My room is grove D, staircase 1, room 9. It is a gorgeous room, one of the
biggest in grove by a long way, twice the size of most of the others.
Good points: huge, and has big bathroom with view of deer park too, much more character than some of the other grove rooms, access to grove D kitchens, two big comfy chairs, coffee table, phone line, internet access, relatively quiet. Bad points: quite dark (but solved with lots of lamps), very little storage space - same for any grove room (exc, room 10 across the staircase), window
looks onto auditorium walls, bad mobile reception (window sills only!)(Edit)
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10 My room is grove D, staircase 1, room 10. It is one of the best and biggest in grove by a long way, twice the size of most of the others.
Pros: huge (can fit 20-30 people on the floor/bed)
STORAGE during the vac
two windows - lots of natural light - one with view of deer park (big tree in the way but good enough) and one with view of the whole college
very light room
not that far from grove D kitchens,
two big comfy chairs, ,
good internet access,
relatively quiet (tutor is nearby so sometimes during the day you can hear students).
has a MASSIVE storage cupboard which is by far my favourite thing about this room. You could basically turn it into a small second room (i fit an armchair in there) although i generally use it for storage
en suite is smaller than room 9.
that's it.
basically no cons(Edit)
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