Grove A - 4

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# Images Description Basin Reception Ensuite
1 (Edit) yes no yes
2 (Edit) yes no yes
3 As far as grove rooms go, its not as big as some of the big rooms on the other side. I think its the same size as most of those on the law libray side, except the attics, but it gives the impression of being larger or more spacious or something. You walk thru the closet area on the way to the bathroom, which is cool if you are quite girly about stuff like that. Its got a fridge, but you have to pay for installation if you want a phone or ethernet. The best bit about my room is the view - its wicked - right over the deer park - and so it also gets a lot of light. Bad points - nowhere near enough book space, wardrobe space, drawer space - any kind of storage space if you have a reasonable amount of stuff. (Edit) yes no yes
4 (Edit) yes no yes
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