Grove A - 3

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# Images Description Basin Reception Ensuite
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2 This room is quite a lot lighter than it looks on the website, and the view is mostly deer park, not Grove D (as in the picture). Its basically a standard Grive A room (ie matching furniture, ensuite etc), but possibly one of the best as it has a nice view, but no lawyers continually coming in and out of the staircase and banging the door. The wardrobe has a little separate space all to itself at the back of the room which is funky. The kitchen is excellent.

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3 gorgeous view on deerpark; nice furniture, all wooden and
quite posh, magd. lilly- carpet, mantelpiece which gives a
nice feel to the room by cutting off a corner of it. great
facilities, like all grove rooms: en-suite and nice kitchen
although a bit far. Well-heated and view from bathroom on
longwall st. what else would you want?
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4 Great Room. Very spacious comfortable and quiet with pleasant view over the Grove Deer Park and the rest of the quad. Use of fantastic Grove kitchen a definite plus. Only quible is common to all Grove rooms i.e. lighting not great but that is easily solved. (Edit) yes no yes
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6 This is the smallest type of room in Grove, but is still very nice, and sloping ceiling either side of window makes it more interesting shape than most of them. Ensuite shower (always hot water), toilet, sink.Gorgeous views (deer park from main room, central Ox from bathroom). Heating is great, the furniture is v nice, there's very little noise. It is quite a trek up the stairs, and consequently you don't get people just popping in: good if you're trying to work, bad if you want an excuse not to! You get an 01865 number, but have to provide a handset, and get charged £15 a term just to use it as an internal - not really a prob, just consider it an extra bit on rent. All in all a very nice room - especially if college sees sense and installs a lift. (Edit) yes no yes