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1 This is a good 2nd Year room that gets forgotten about - I got it 73rd on the ballot and it's much larger than some of the rooms of people about me. It's right next to the bathroom and shower, and the next room to that is the "kitchen" which has a microwave, a fridge and a sink. Although it's very close to the tower, the noise isn't at all detracting and most of the time I don't even hear the bells.
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2 Chaplains III:2 has one principle advantage - size. It is a large set, with
space for plenty of furniture, with which it is well supplied. It has no
view, looking over the roof of the kitchens, and thanks to its position
overlooking the kitchen delivery door, it can get quite noisy at about 7:15
every morning as the deliveries arrive. Although not centrally heated, it
does come with an electric heater provided, and so is not too cold, even in the winter. With its windows facing out of the quad, the noise of the
bells is also not a problem.Chaplins 3:2 is, in my opinion, one of the nicest rooms on this staircase. It is the only one to have carpets all the way to the walls, most of the others just have rugs over the floorboards, it has really nice furniture (three chairs, a really comfy sofa and two window seats), and it is a set. So you have a great room for holding parties and stuff in, and another room that you can leave as messy as you like, because nobody ever sees it. Bad points of this room are the fact that it overlooks the kitchen loading bay, so the view is not that great. Also, the walls between the room and the corridor are really thin, so you can basically hear every door on the staircase shutting, and people moving around. But because the windows do not overlook the quad, the noise of the bells is not that much of a problem. There is no kitchen on this staircase, so budding Jamie Olivers will be disappointed.
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3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

It's big, and that's just the living room. The bedroom is the same size as some other Uni people get for their whole room.
It's got lots of radiators.
It's quite light, and when it gets dark there are plenty of lamps to make it light.
New Carpet and walls painted (in Summer 2002 I believe).
Useful (if not that attractive) furniture and plenty of it.
Near the post-room (Ok so I'm scraping the barrel here).


Noise from the road and bells and drunk people outside yelling expletives and starting fights at night although you don't notice them after a day or so and it's definately not a huge problem.
You might get someone throwing a rock at your window to ask you for money so that they can get into the backpackers hostel at 4:30 in the morning (this did happen to me but I admit is unlikely to happen again).
No kitchen on the staircase.

The pros definately outweigh the cons though. And it is big.(Edit)
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5 This room is big but a bit bare, and the corridors can be cold. It is a set,
and is great for parties; loads of people fit inside and there is no furniture
to break anyway. It also needs a sofa.

Nobody comes to visit me because I am out of the way (maybe that's not the only
reason...), but this means that the room is good for working in and there is
no traffic noise. The shower is downstairs but who washes anyway?

Despite me only saying bad things about my room, I like it. It is quite light
and spacious and with a bit of effort could even be made to look like one of
those swish minimalistic loft apartments. If you are me it may end up looking
more like a warehouse you are squatting in.
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7 two rooms, detached (i.e. seperate entrances)

living room = very large; new fitted carpet; view
over Magdalen bridge; poor lighting; just had central heating added; newly painted; new chairs; large desk; comfortable 2 seater couch but looksquite bad; can hardly hear bells; slanting ceiling in corner facing door, broken floor boards in front
of door; quiet.

bedroom = small, carpeted; new chest of drawers, inadequate cupboard and hanging space; basin; one window, little view; good heater; can hear bells and room next door; poor and small wardrobe.

The staircase itself is isolated; quiet; reasonably dingy looking.

The living room is cool though and compensates.

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