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1 A very nice set in an under-appreciated bit of college. Don't worry about the bells, you soon get used to them! Cool little stone alcove in the 'porch' area, find something interesting to put in it. Not a huge amount of natural light...(Edit)
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2 Good sized set on quiet staircase of only four rooms. Kitchen facilities
are OK, (2 ring Baby Belling cooker with oven and grill) though kitchen is
small. Toilet on 1st floor, v.good shower and toilet on 2nd
floor. Sizeable, rectangular living room, with two bookcases, 2 easy
chairs with coffee table, chest of drawers and small desk. Smallish
storage cupboard. L-shaped smaller bedroom, with built-in wardrobe and
fixed bed with storage drawers. Also sink and mirror. Both rooms look
out onto the High street, but triple glazing means there is minimal road
noise. Daytime sunshine streams in through the windows if
sunny. Internal phone and ethernet.
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3 Well, well, what can I say? According to published biographies this is Oscar
Wildes 1st year room! Even if it isnt his old room, you can still use it as a chat-up line (nB. never worked for me. yet.) The room itself is pretty good. Having 2 rooms is a luxury in the second year (came about 60th in
ballot). The bedroom is cosy, with a sink, but the bed is bound by 3 walls
and so is not ideal for "sexual" encounters, not that I would know. The main room is L-shaped which is cool and has plenty of plug points. There is absolutely no light because the view from the window is of a lump of stone, but this is nothing an uplighter will not cure. The bells get on my tits, but most people dont notice them. There is a "phat" armchair which all my friends love and a nice stone fireplace. Carpets are not up to much, nor is the poo-brown paint from the dado downwards, but stop being fussy! Who do you think you are? Conclusion: live here unless you can get something better.(Edit)
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4 Very good sized set with nice bathroom on same floor and kitchen on floor below. With 4 people on the stair case it is pretty quiet despite the bell which never seemed to cause a problem. The decoration is a little shabby adn the small south facing windows made the room a little gloomy but there is a nice north facing window looking out over the chapel. There's a mysterious passageway that provides loads of storage space. (Edit)
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