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# Images Description Basin Reception Ensuite
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2 Organ Scholar Reserved(Edit)
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3 Piano room

This is a charming set, intimate and cosy by New Buildings standards. It
has high ceilings and three huge windows which let in lots of light. Its
great advantage is that it is on the corner (north west) of the building
and so gets more light than all the other north-facing rooms: a fair amount of sun in the late afternoon through its two westerly windows, a little at sunrise from the northern side. It looks north over the Grove towards
Addisons Walk, and west towards the Grove Buildings. It is extremely
quite: only the occasional sound of a car on Longwall Street, or the gentle
hum of the laundry room in the basement. It is recently decorated. The deer spend half their year in the Grove over which the room looks. (Edit)
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4 Piano room
This set consists of two rooms - a small bedroom with just enough room for the essentials which is complemented by a generous rectangular study, with adequate seating and a very high ceiling. It currently has an upright Yamaha piano, a large desk, and two coffee tables. There is a lagre set of shelves which are bolted to the wall. The room is also well heated by two radiators. The decor is somewhat dated (ivory-meets-nicotine paint and chocolate brown carpet) which combined with the north facing windows can make the room dark, but adequate lighting (including an included upright lamp with integrated table!) can make a substancial difference. Scenic views of the deer park can cheer up any gloomy mood, and the original fireplace makes good storage for empty wine bottles. There is a shower on the same floor, but the toilet is up or down a floor, so if you like to piss in your sink then this is the room for you matey.
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5 Its a large set looking over on to new buildings lawns, so a bit lighter
than those on the other side. I think it is definitely one of the
largest new buildings sets too. It is on the first floor with a shower
next door, although the loos are on the second or ground floor only.
It is pretty large, and has lots of cupboards, tables etc as well as a
window seat and a random dried flower arrangement. The bedroom is also a
good size and has a sink in it. Everything is pretty well furnished and
painted and carpets, curtains etc are relatively tasteful. It starred in
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6 One large room with three huge windows, two facing deer park and Grove, one facing Addisons - very picturesque! Heaters under each window, which also have shutters and curtains (the pattern is even quite nice). Storage space: one very small wardrobe, cupboards under sink, large chest of drawers, bookcase, desk with drawers; no cupboards. The wifi and signal isn’t great but I just use ethernet and that solves it. On the floor plan this room is a set, and it’s the same size as some of the sets, so whilst being just one room, it’s still spacious, and super light, and means you get *dual angles* from the windows as it’s on the corner. Also - you can see the deer right outside

Only draw back is it does get a little by fly-y in the summer, and the toilet and shower (which are sort of part way into rooms 5 and 8) aren’t exactly high quality.

I absolutely love this room though, would argue it’s one of the nicest in NB, just for the lighting and views, even though it’s not a set

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7 My room is really cool and has done wonders for my social life. It is quiet,
very spacious, warm and is a set. When you open the windows, the deer come over expecting food. View of deer park is top notch. This side of new buildings has one prob - flies. Theres a nest outside somewhere and most of the rooms that face out the back on staircases 4 to 6 have some problems with the little fellas. You can either spray them, swat them or keep them as pets.
College have spent years trying to sort this out to little avail.
The room though is top notch - top 20 and the ease of access to laundry and
kitchen is an added bonus.(Edit)
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8 Very big set (probably top 3 or so in terms of size) with lots of shelves for storage making this an ideal room for entertaining.

Has three of the giant New Buildings windows and faces over Cloisters, which apart from the nice views means you get a huge amount of light (unlike the rooms facing the deer park.) Has wood panelling and a marble fireplace.

Toilet is right outside the door (sometimes noisy), shower is either on the floor below or in the attic. The staircase VI kitchen was turned into a laundry cupboard with no consultation of students in 2019. The kitchen in the attics is very very nice but far away (lots of doors to go through).

All in all, fantastic set - and if you need any more persuading, it was John Betjeman's room when he was at Magdalen...(Edit)
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