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1 Organ Scholar reserved(Edit)
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2 Cosy/warmish, with high ceilings,
and 3 huge windows: 2 looking towards Addisons Walk side, and one north into the corner of the deer park. Not a great deal of light - esp in winter
- but it is pretty much the furthest undergrad set of rooms from the lodge, and quietly private... Unless that, whistling porter decides to spoil the tranquility with walking up and down the other side of the river
intoning the lesser known works of some composer between his lips.
Downer, Im sure you will agree. Oh, its got okay-ish panels on the walls.
Im sure that makes a difference. Own loo and shower across hallway, shared w. neighbour in rm.1. I was something like 67th on the ballot, but jammily got it through people overlooking it as pokey. Which is kind of is/isnt.
I"ll stop now.1.2 is a small 'B' set, which I got after being about 30th on the ballot.
It's usually one of the last to go in the New Buildings. It's quiet, and is
one of the furthest buildings from the p'lodge, bells et al.

Plus points are its cosyness and that it's in the New Buildings, which are
lovely to live in. Negatives are that it's ground floor, and not South
facing, so there's less light and less views than you might hope for.

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5 I was about 8th in the ballot in a year in which everyone above me went for New Buildings too, which gives an indication of the calibre of this set. There are some nicer, bigger rooms on Staircases 4 and 6 but this one's great nonetheless.

The study is fairly small with a nice marble fireplace, and the bedroom is bigger. Both rooms have attractive wooden panelling and white decoration makes them very light. Windows in the study and bedroom look towards Addison's Walk, while another in the bedroom looks out of the back of New Buildings into the Deer Park. Although the view out of the back isn't as wide as in Staircases 4 or 6, it's still pretty good and the Addison's views make up for it. Despite expecting to be permanently in the dark owing to extensive foliage close to my windows, I had plenty of light. I actually felt rather exposed to Addison's Walk when the leaves dropped and was thankful for the evergreens (as were the squirrels).

The rooms are very peaceful, and if you sleep with the door between the two rooms closed then you can hear nothing except the gentle continuous noise of the water pipes (it's very quiet - quite soothing). Very occasionally there is noise from people being loud on Addison's Walk at night, but generally the only real irritation is if the person in the room above stamps around like an elephant. During the day there tends to be a small amount of noise from gardening machinery and trailers rolling along the walk.

The lights are very effective and there are no silly low energy bulbs here; the white panelling helps to maximise the light. There is plenty of storage of different kinds, and a number of comfortable chairs. The rooms are very well heated and the heaters are fairly adjustable. The curtains are very stiff to move so I used the shutters, which also keep you warmer in winter. You are well served for amenities, there being a toilet and a reasonably good shower across the landing next to Dr Garfitt's room, which seem to be shared between only two or three people. The only problems with facilities are that the nearest kitchen is right up in the top corridor and the laundry is away in Staircase 6, but these are trifling problems in such a nice set as this.

My only tip would be to bring some posters or paintings to break up the panelling a bit. Then you can sit here in your attractive and peaceful New Buildings set and look incredibly smug (until Finals).(Edit)
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7 A stunning set that is fought for in the ballot. Not the biggest in New Builidings, but really attractive and shares an entrance hall with 8, so great for friends. The views are fabulous across the deer park and Addison's, with only the deer to disturb all the hard work you won't be doing.
Wood panelled all the way through with stupidly high ceilings, fairly newly carpetted and close to an industrial strength shower, this is about as good as it is going to get at Magdalen, which really is saying something.(Edit)
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8 One of the smaller sets in New Buildings, but I love it.(Edit)
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