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2 This room is one of the carpeted Longwall sets, all of which are about the same dimensions. It is of a good size- the bedroom is about the size of one of the smaller Swithun's rooms (albeit without the ridiculously high celings) and the living room is about half as big again. Big enough to dance in- great for parties.

It's North facing so doesn't get a huge amount of natural light, but the room is well lit (unlike most Swithun's rooms) and has enough lamps. The radiators (one in each room) are very good and work very fast, not to be overlooked as we spend most of our time in college when it's bloody freezing outside!

The bed is ludicrously high but quite soft and comfortable. There are 4 chairs, one of which is a flimsy little wicker thing, one leather work chair and two slouching chairs. But some of the other sets have sofas, so check them out. Two desks, one of which is a bit 'rustic' (read: gnarled and bumpy), but folds out into a decent-sized table, and the other is a proper leather-covered affair, but a little too small and low for my liking. There are a lot of drawers and a fair few shelves so a lot of storage space, but no lockable cupboards. Oh, and the fridges are bigger than the tiny Grove things.

The nearest kitchen, bath and shower are two short flights of stairs up- not very far in college terms. The kitchen is tiny and shared amongst loads of people, but is still very serviceable. Being on the ground floor there are no nasty, treacherous stairs to stagger up and the nearest toilet is just next door.

The main downside is that being on the ground floor, everyone who goes out of the back gate or along the path outside the auditorium can see in - net curtains are a must. The position also gives a rather plain view, unless you move the desk to get a chunk of deer park. It is also fairly remote from the hub of college compared to some of the available accommodation.

All in all, a good mid-ballot third- year room, but check out some of the other longwall sets if they're up for grabs- you might find one more to your liking. You can probably get in here with friends lower on the ballot because half the rooms on the staircase are smaller and lower grade. (Edit)
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3 This room is on the ground floor of the 3rd Staircase of Longwall Quad, i.e the nearest staircase to the late gate.

Bear in mind that this is the only one of the three staircases in the Quad with a kitchen. This is a big advantage if you are a type that wants to cook. I am also reliably informed that the shower in this staircase is better than on the other two.

The room is on the ground floor. The advantage of this is that you get in quickly from outside and there is a toilet on the same level. The disadvantage is that the shower and kitchen are two floors up. Also you do get people crashing about early in the morning or late at night, though that has not really bothered me. Finally, whilst I am very appreciative of all they do for us, the scouts do make some noise on the ground floor early in the morning. Not good if you do an Arts subject!

The room itself is quite big and a nice shape, with fireplace. Cupboard space is ok, but there is not much obvious space for books. Light is not good at all, because the room faces north - onto the deer park, which is quite picturesque. The room is warm and the water from the basin does get hot - basic stuff I know but importantlongwall 3.3 is a great second year room. it's spacious has a fireplace, 2 leather armchairs, sink and the desk overlooks the grove and the deer park. there's plenty of storage space, although not that big a wardrobe for hanging stuff up.

on the downside the shower is two stories up, as is the kitchen which is crap anyway. on the other hand it's the only longwall staircase with both a shower and sink. one problem is that it's next to the scout's room so if you don't like getting up in the morning (like me), it can be annoying when you get woken up at 8am.

basically though, you could do a lot worse.
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4 This is basically a really quality second year room, in my own humble opinion. Of the three Longwall staircases, this is the only one with a kitchen; two floors up and quite small, but still a great deal better than nothing if you even only cook occasionally. The shower is also on the second floor, but you will still do much less walking than the rest of the staircase as the room itself is at ground level, facing into Longwall Quad itself. This is good as you get more than your fair share of natural light, not to mention the view of the very pretty quad, and also the opportunity to open your windows and chat with any willing passers-by. If you're working hard and don't actually want to be disturbed, the library is just opposite (or simply close the windows). There is a large wardrobe and chest of drawers for storage; any empty boxes and suitcases can be pushed under the bed. The room itself is spacious without being palatial, and the wood and earthy colours give it a warm, homely feel, accentuated by the two big armchairs. If this room was a drink, it would be a glass of medium-price, oaky red wine with a smooth finish; soft and amiable in the daytime, calming and convivial in the evening, and certainly an antidote to the sickly alcopops, antiseptic vodkas and horse-piss lagers of your first year. Just one word of caution: go to bed with the curtains closed so you don't give the whole quad a show in the morning, unless that's your thing.
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9 'This set is gorgeous, although not the biggest in Longwall. Its main plus points are that it has wooden floors (it used to be a tutor's room) and is South facing, so you get tons of light - which I think makes up for the fact that it is stately rather than palacial. View over Longwall quad to the library from the sitting room. There is more storage space in this room than you could possibly use, which just leaves you with trying to find creative ways of draping fabric over empty shelves in an attempt to disguise them. Fireplaces in both rooms. Bedroom painted deep yellow, so it's pretty cosy. Big squishy sofa and armchair plus desk and massive dining table - helpful if you're a messy worker. Next to kitchen, which is a bonus as it is the only one in Longwall, and the size of a broom cupboard. Also next to bath, shower etc. All in all, one of the nicest rooms in college.' (Edit) yes yes no
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11 Next to shower, bath. toilet, very small kitchen.
Fireplace, armchairs, view of deerpark/grove buildings, quiet, but not that much light.
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12 The room has lots of advantages since its located on what is, as far as I know, the only floor in Longwall with a kitchen. The kitchen is very tiny and overcrowding is frequent as absolute maximum capacity is two people, but great if you're into cooking as its really close and pretty new. You are also right next to the bath, shower and toilet.

The room itself is pretty spacious, with a sink and plenty of drawer- and hanging space. The large windows mean the room is very light and they face out on to the library. The fireplace, comfy armchairs and table give the room character and there is lots of potential to make it very homely!

On the negative side, people walking along the attic above can sound like a herd of elephants, and you hear banging of late-gate and library door quite a lot. Overall, wherever you are on the ballot I don't think you'll be disappointed.
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