Longwall Quad - 2

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# Images Description Basin Reception Ensuite
1 It is on the ground floor, and it looks directly out onto the Library. The
light is very good. The advantage and the disadvantage of the room are one
and the same: the world and his wife stops off at your room, make themselves at home, and invariably stay for an age. That said, its main disadvantage is that it is a disaster for any and all wannabe chefs: the kitchen facilities are a disgrace, as is the shower (one floor up). The showers on the surrounding two staircases (Longwall 1 and 3, where there is the one and only kitchen) are infinitely better. Irrespective of the entire block being seen as housing a lot of tutors, they keep themselves tucked away.
The noise is minimal, and the walls are reasonably sound-proof. A good - and stereotypically Oxonian - room.My room is a very good 2nd year room. A lot of people are put off by the idea of being on the ground floor and visible to anyone passing, but although I occasionally feel like a goldfish, it really isn’t a problem. The position is also a tremendous advantage when moving stuff in and out at the beginning and end of term, and it’s great not to have to climb loads of stairs on a daily basis. The room itself is stereotypically Oxonian – stone walls, leaded windows (somewhat spoiled by horrid Waynflete curtains) and a very rah fireplace with arguably the best crest in Longwall. The furnishing and heating are good, storage space is adequate, the desk is large and sturdy and the noise is minimal, apart from the occasional banging of the exterior door. The staircase itself is acceptable, although the shower is a bit dodgy and the toilets can be chilly. There’s also no kitchen, so self-caterers would be better advised to go for Longwall III.

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2 Lovely room with fireplace and lots of storage space. It's on the ground floor, which is very practical, but faces Grove and has a little lawn and flower bed outside so people don't walk right by your window. Toilet's one floor up, shower is two and bath is three floors up! Only problem is that the kitchen, although just refurbished, is on the next staircase: either three floors up, across, and down ... or out and back in and two floors up! But if you don't plan on cooking, it's great. Very close to Magdalen library! (Edit) yes no no
5 This room is nice in that every now and again you can see a deer or two but its quite dark and the fridge has a bit of mould in it which i dont really like. the paint is also a bit suspect and it smells of wet dog. (Edit) yes no no
6 (Edit) no no no
7 The kitchen facilities are very poor; one cupboard size kitchen with a babybel oven and no work-space for all three staircases and the attics. Plus, its a fair distance across to staircase 3.
This room is north facing, and so slightly dimmer than the rooms overlooking the library. But you do get to see the deer from your desk (cant be bad)
The rooms are very well sound-insulated, only very loud music or parties will disturb you. (Edit)
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8 This is a fab room - very spacious, extremely quiet, convenient and gorgeous views out over the deer park. It also has bags of storage space and good washing facilities. I came third in the room ballot and am happy with the selection I made. However, it does also have its downsides: being north facing it can be a little dingy, and the sweet scent of stale fag smoke appears to emanate from the fire place; it is also not the warmest of rooms, especially after the flete, and cooking facilities are laughable. That said, youll feel like a real Oxford student with atmosphere oozing out of the walls (check out the Magdalen crest on the fireplace) - the sort of room your parents would really appreciate, and its well worth at least taking a look at.
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9 Really gorgeous view of the library, secondary double-glazed windows (i.e. leaded outer panes) and good heating so warm. South facing, so good light. Not great soundproofing, especially from attics corridor above. No kitchen on the staircase, only a small one in staircase next door. Two toilets, one v. good bath, one v. bad* shower (*this could change ? hint hint Em!) between nine on staircase. Fireplace (partially blocked up). Wardrobe narrow and small (curtain-covered only), but lots of storage space besides this. Overall a very nice room. (Edit) yes no no