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6 Great set, with very large rooms and probably the best view in college. 4 Windows overall (2 bedroom, 2 living room), with 1 looking at the deer park and 3 looking over St Swithuns towards the Tower/Chapel. The carpet is a bit old and could be renovated, the little entry area is nice to put shoes jackets. Comes with 2 tables (so one for work and one for your dining needs).

I got this room being 16th on the Ballot.

NB: The toilet on this staircase does not have a sink, so you need to go back to your room to wash your hands (which is a bit gross...)(Edit)
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7 "One of the hidden delights of Longwall Quad, I:7 is surprisingly spacious
(5.2x4.1, 5.2x4.0). The two rooms combined make this the 5th largest set in
college but the near equal sizes of bedroom and sitting room mean that it
will not feature that high on a list ordered by size of the largest room.
Situated above the Home Bursory and Home Bursor's flat guarantees peace and
quiet and so may not suit anyone who's late night activities may disturb Mr
The other downsides of this room are that it has neither central heating nor
mains hot water. The first problem is amply dealt with by the provision of
two stand heaters (located in the stone fireplaces with cast iron ranges)
and the second by an in room storage heater which protects the user from the
usual unreliability of Longwall water supplies. It also dispenses with the
need for a kettle.
This is just as well as the rooms are also lacking in power sockets. There
is one in each room and I challenge anyone to light both the bed and the
desk without trailing wires all over the floor. The same applies for the
diametrically opposed locations of the power point and ethernet point in the
living room.
The furnishings are impressive, with a dining room table that can seat 8
people and quite the largest sofa in college. The view is of Longwall Quad
out of one window, and St.Swithens, the President's garden, deer park and
New Buildings from the other.
Kitchen facilities are sadly lacking and a trek to the 2nd floor of Longwall
I is necessary. Bathroom scores much higher with the best shower in the
block directly opposite, a bathroom next door and only 3 people to commonly
share it with."
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8 I came about two-thirds of the way down the ballot and picked up one of the last Longwall Quad rooms, and very nice it is too. Large single window overlooks the library, much bigger and better laid out than a Swithuns (or a number of other places), nicely finished, decent storage, excellent light (both natural + the lights in the evening), cool fireplace. Huge desk is a godsend, while being on the Bursarial staircase means it's nice and quiet so you can raise hell elsewhere and then return to peace and tranquillity when you want. Double glazing really helps as well. Facilities: Bath, shower and toilet all 12 feet away, shared with 3 others, nearest kitchen is the small but decent Longwall III. This is a sweet and often overlooked room."(Edit)
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9 This room is on the top floor and has a lovely view out over Grove Buildings and part of the Deer Park. It has an old fireplace and large windows but, due to its aspect, during the winter it does not get as much light as you might expect; however the lamps that are provided compensate for this. There is no noise of traffic and the rooms on the floor below belong to tutors, so it is in a quiet position, unless you happen to have particularly loud neighbours on your floor or in the attics above! The room is not in such a great situation if you are keen on cooking: the nearest (small) kitchen is in staircase III.An intriguing room, with fabulous leather sofa and gigantic desk, though somewhat over-furnished and with a startling number of drawers. The view is nice and the fireplace adds character, but the wardrobe is clearly designed for the clothes of someone under four feet in height and the walls are slightly thinner than might have been hoped. After redevelopment, the staircase only has four student rooms, so not exactly the place for wild parties. Overall, a nice room with a good atmosphere and generally quiet enough to work in all day, but with one or two annoying flaws...(Edit)
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