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1 Test(Edit)
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2 This is one of the bigger Rose Lane rooms, and is on the ground floor of the building. There are two windows and plenty of furniture, as well as a sink. Rose Lane has two showers and four toilets shared between ten rooms, as well as a kitchen and washing machine (and dryer).(Edit)
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9 Pros:
- 2 east-facing windows (you get a very nice sunrise with view of Magdalen tower).
- Good amount of storage
- Small couch
- 2 radiators
- Bit small for the amount of furniture in it
- Not within college walls (if that's something you want)
- Noise (trash collector early in the morning + high street) (Edit)
(Last Updated: 2022-04-13 17:39:50)
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10 This is one of the bigger Rose Lane rooms, with big windows giving lots of natural light. There is also a good amount of furniture, even for a room of this size. Only negatives would be perhaps a little less storage than would be ideal, and you obviously hear traffic noise from the high street.(Edit)
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