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1 This room is right at the entrance and is probably one of the largest rooms in Lottage. Rooms in Lottage tend to be picked around the middle to the end of the second year ballot, but I was near the top and I don't feel like I've made a bad pick at all. Highly recommended regardless of your ballot position!

- Big room, big empty walls, great for decoration, great for inviting people over. You can comfortably fit 8 people in this room and still not feel cramped.
- Pretty good lighting (if you're willing to open the curtains)
- You get to enjoy all the great things about Lottage, like the big kitchen
- A decent amount of storage space. There's a drawer, a small bookshelf, a standard desk with drawers on the side, and there's also additional storage space underneath the basin. You can still run out of storage space with these, but since the room is so big, there's always room for more collapsible shelves or storage boxes.
- Very close to college. Just cross the road and you'll find yourself standing outside the side gate next to the Auditorium and the Library.
- Easy access to Holywell Street, which is really convenient if you're a fan of the restaurants and shops there. It's also nice to be just a tad bit closer to the city centre than the rest of college.

- Ceiling light is kinda dim (nothing you can't fix with LED strips)
- The closest bathroom and shower are directly above you, so you have to take the stairs up. Alternatively, the first floor toilet requires you to go through the kitchen. Not ideal, but if you don't mind stairs, it's not too bad, plus you're not sharing them with too many people.
- First floor, so not a ton of privacy should you open the windows, but this isn't too bad considering how the windows are just facing the small private courtyard rather than the outside world.

Additional notes:
- The curtain doesn't block all the light from entering the room, especially when the sun is out. It takes a bit of effort to make the room completely dark, but since the bed is so far away from the windows, you can still take a midday nap just fine, and it won't disturb you if you want to sleep in on a lazy day.
- There's a 1.5m long pin board at the entrance! I never got to use it but it might come in handy for you.
- Lottage is one of the most social households in college, partly thanks to the big kitchen, which makes for a wonderful place for studying if you ever get bored of your own room.
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2 A surprisingly good room for its place in the ballot. It's got a good, large desk and lots of new furniture. Curtains are good and there's a fair amount of storage space (apart from drawers).

The Lottage kitchen is excellent as well - it has a big dining table and chairs so it can double as a living room/hangout space - and there's a good balance of loos and showers (3 loos and 2 showers between 7). The scout, Irene, is without a doubt Magdalen's finest.

Only downsides of the room is that it's on the ground floor so not much privacy during the day and the lighting isn't amazing during winter, but the room is equipped with plenty of lamps to keep it cosy.

(Also, there is definitely a basin, that has plenty of counter space around it, along with storage space underneath it.)(Edit)
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3 A very nice room. There is plenty of storage as the shelves can be used to put everything from food to books to toolboxes plus on top of the shelves, under the bed and in the closet. Not massive but is enough room to not feel claustrophobic. The desk is lovely as it is right in front of the window so the sun shines in (if you're easily distracted this might not be the best room to study in as you can see all the comings and goings of the courtyard). The windows are a bit dodgy but they'll go up i you give them a good shove. The sink is situated opposite the bed in a little alcove - it has a big cupboard underneath so great for excess bits and bobs. The closet is also in the alcove which keeps it out of the way but its not the best wardrobe. Its got a rail at the top and a small set of drawers underneath with space on either side of it. I loved this room when I was in it and couldn't recommend it enough if you want a space outside of college. (Edit)
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4 This room has a sink with some pretty nifty storage space for bathroom-related things (it's hidden behind the left set of big doors). Really nice size, much bigger than Waynflete rooms so don't be disheartened if you're near the bottom of the 2nd year ballot! Big wardrobe, looaads of shelves as you can see in the corner. Chest of drawers is on the small side, but manageable (and I always overpack). Desk is quite large, but is in literally the darkest corner of the room and is right next to the door which is a bit of a nuisance. Very dark room, but you have overhead light and two lamps at your disposal, which does make it manageable.
There are two showers and three toilets in Lottage overall, with a really nice, big, social kitchen. One of the showers and one of the toilets are directly outside this room and room 5, so super convenient (it's basically an en-suite tbh) - they are shared generally between rooms 1, 2, 4 and 5.
All in all, a very decent room (better than some in cloisters, though definitely darker and less "aesthetic") - would recommend for my fellow bottom-of-the-balloters! (Edit)
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5 Pros:
-Room is fairly large (Managed to keep an ergo in the here for most of michaelmas and still didn't struggle for space)
-Bathroom and Shower are right outside the room
-The kitchen in Lottage is large, perfect for socializing with the rest of the house in.
-Really big desk, honestly I only really use half of it

-Blinds don't block out much light, not great for sleeping during daylight hours, especially as the sun shines straight onto the window in the morning
-Lack of any shelves or pin board makes personalizing the room difficult, there's a few hooks and blue tack marks on the walls but that's it.
-Getting down to the kitchen is a bit of a hassle, its on the exact opposite of the house from this room
-Shower is very very tight

Overall this room has been solid for the last year, and the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Doesn't have as much character as some other rooms in college, but lottage will soon start feeling like home if you choose to live here.(Edit)
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6 Automatically added. Information about reception, ensuite, basin is not necessarily true (if it is, then that would be quite the coincidence)(Edit)
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7 Automatically added. Information about reception, ensuite, basin is not necessarily true (if it is, then that would be quite the coincidence)(Edit)
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