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# Images Description Basin Reception Ensuite
1 small rooom (Edit) yes no no
2 (Edit) yes no no
3 boo
yes no no
4 The room is peaceful, cosy, and bright. All the installations are very new, so the heating is excellent. There are lots of power outlets. There is a fairly normal sized wardrobe (though the hanging bit is quite small and there aren't a lot of places to put lots of pairs of shoes... girls be warned). The desk is big though, and there are 3 small drawers, 3 big drawers, a little cupboard, and there are two small bits of book-shelving. About 4 or 5 nails in the walls for hanging pictures, but there is one sticking out of the wall in a bit of a dangerous position near the sink, on which you could easily scrape yourself while washing your face or something, so be careful of that.

However the room is directly above the courtyard where Harveys gets its deliveries so if you leave the window open you will sometimes get woken by lots of slamming around, shouting, banging of boxes, etc. at like 5am. And it's very very loud. Also whenever taps are opened in the room next door the pipes make lots of annoyng noise, which is fine usually because you get used to it, but at night if it's very quiet it becomes kind of a focus of your stressed attention!

On the plus side: the showers in the house always have lots of hot powerful water, the kitchen is really nice, and there is a laundry room really nearvy in 2 Longwall.

Bear in mind all the rooms in Schoolhouse are very pink (pink carpets, pink duvet covers, etc.) so potentially not ideal for guys (or girls) who don't like pink.

Schoolhouse is a great place to live if you group together with friends. (Edit)
yes no no
5 House has a nice communal kitchen table which is good for house socialising. (Edit) yes no no
6 Very light as there are windows on two sides. It is well heated and in good condition. Overlooks the Longwall Plaza. There is storage space in fixed wardrobe and desk as well as under the sink. The walls are very thin, so much so that you can hear people talking in the next room. (Edit) yes no no
7 (Edit) yes no no