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1 St. Johns 1 is a spacious set, with good light (for a room in college) and a nice view of the Daubeny Buildings from the double-glazed, south-facing windows. This room is one of four in the only staircase in St. Johns Quad, and has the added bonus of having the best door in the world. The person who wrote the database thing before seemed to think it wasa noisy room - the wall is quite thin between the bedroom and the stairs, but it isn't a problem if you've quiet neighbours. All windows do open onto the highstreet though, so the air isn't always that fresh, but the double glazing keeps the noise from the high street down.

The only real downside to living in this room is the fact that the walls and ceilings are very thin indeed, so you really can hear everything that goes on upstairs. The bedroom is also on the other side of the thin wall to the stairs which serve the other rooms, which can make getting to sleep quite difficult if people are clumping up and down. The shared kitchen is very small and not very well equipped. Also, the entrance to the staircase smells a lot because of the downstairs toilet. Pooooo!! But basically, if you make sure that either you or your neighbours dont listen to bad loud music, then this should be a really nice room.

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2 Clavinova - 2 room set over lodge (Edit) yes yes no
3 This has a good sized sitting room, with a sofa and a good view along the high street. There's a small study area, with desk, bookshelf and chest of drawers, which is useful although it has no natural daylight. The cosy bedroom overlooks St. John's Quad and has a sink and a very useful window shelf. All 3 rooms are under the eaves and so has a sloping ceiling - makes it very homely!

Overall, I think this is fantastic room (or suite!) and would definitely recommend it. (Edit)
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4 Let's put this into subheadings...

General: This is a good size room, in fact 2 rooms and a little corridor. You are in the roof, so it has sloping ceilings. Even being a midget (5"2) I still bump my head occasionally, but that is probably my lack of coordination. I have a friend who is 6"2 who doesn't have a problem. It has some fab features too, like the fireplace, which is gorgeous! GIANT noticeboard. Plus the bedroom is really cosy at night. Could do with more chairs, but a couple of bean bags would sort that out.

Light: It is a dark room. I have my lights on all the time. There are plenty of windows, but they are blocked by crenellations. The desk is quite well lit though and a lamp helps.

Heating: Massive radiator in main room. Excellent for hanging clothes on, plus it heats up the room in a couple of seconds. Not sure what it will be like in summer, may be a bit stuffy.

Noise: The room is alright for noise. The walls are a little thin, so you can sometimes hear the person beneath you and from the adjoining room in Chaplains, but as long as you have quiet neighbours or don't mind it is fine. At the end of the day, hardly any rooms are that quiet.

Storage: Big wardrobe, which is always useful. Chest of drawers in the bedroom. Drawers under bed. 2 bookcases in main room. The only problem I have is finding a place for large things, like suitcases.

Mirror: The one above the sink is alright, pretty big. I have to stand on a chair to see what an outfit looks like. This is important! There are no big mirrors on the staircase either, so it can be a bit of a pain.

Condition: Room was painted the summer before I moved in (2002), so at the moment it is in really good condition and looks really clean and fresh.

Overall: I really like this room. It is spacious and has everything I need. It has character and is a really snug. At the moment it is a pretty undiscovered room, but I doubt that will last long! (I was at the bottom of the third year ballot)

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