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6 The room is very spacious and has excellent light - two huge east-facing windows. There's no sink, contrary to what college's list of rooms says, but the back door goes through to the top of 62 High St where there's a bathroom and toilet. The nearest shower is a bit of a trek - either two flights of stairs through 62, or downstairs in the graduate accommodation in Rose Lane. There are 4 tutors' rooms downstairs but they've normally left by 6 in the evening, and after that you're pretty much free to make as much noise as you want. I'd reccommend this room so long as you can live without having a sink in your room.

Old description:-

Room 6 in Gatehouse has a spectacular view, very sizeable living space and generally the most tasteful decor in any undergraduate room I have ever seen. Despite the fact, therefore, that there is neither an ample sink nor cooking facility in a radius of about half a mile, I would strongly recommend living there. That said, if one is willing to brave the smell of first years, there's actually a sneaky little back door which leads through to bathroom and kettle-filling facilities at the top of 61 Hish Street. True, it's not within the walls, but then who cares since you can make all the more noise in the wee hours. As long as there's plenty of wine, women and song, this room makes the ideal venue for 'entertaining' and 'sleeping'.(Edit)
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7 This is one of the largest rooms available to undergraduates. Being a two room set with a loo and bathroom easily available from the back door, this room has everything you need in an undergrad room, especially with a kitchen on the ground floor of this building (which is hardly distant, despite what older reviews will say).
Although it is out of walls - which may be an advantage or disadvantage depending on how you see it - this room is about as much as you can hope from accommodation provided from magdalen.(Edit)
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8 One of the nicer college rooms. It is quiet and fairly large and the wooden beams give it plenty of character. Possible disadvantages include the number of stairs (it is on the third floor), that the nearest kitchen and shower are on the ground floor (although there is a bath nearby) and that it is outside college walls.(Edit)
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9 /Ok, basically it is a large room with two windows (one east-facing looking at Magdalen tower, the other west-facing over the roofs of Oxford). The great thing about this room are the beams, which make it very cosy. But it is on the 4th floor: loads of stairs! The next shower is on the ground floor in Rose Lane, one has to walk past tutors rooms (and might bump into them...), which is highly annoying. But there is a toilet and a bath nearby.
The kitchen is also in Rose Lane and it takes a few minutes to get there!
And the room is out of college... which can be a hassle. But it is very quiet, garden downstairs, bike shed etc... Quite frankly, it is a room with a lot of character and really makes you feel at home.This is an absolutely gorgeous room, it is very spacious and although it is not a set, the bedroom bit is divided off by gorgeous old oak beams. It has beautiful views and the Gatehouse as a whole is a really nice place to live – well decorated because tutors live here too, and none of the rooms share adjoining walls, so nice and quiet. The room has a back door into the house next-door where there is a bath and toilet one floor down. There is also a large lockable cupboard in the wall where you can keep all your stuff safe for the holidays.

Only drawbacks are the the draughty (and occasionally noisy) windows, three flights of stairs, the boiler which is behind the wall and tends to bubble vigorously, and the fact that it is not very light, but that then goes for most rooms in college. Overall, an excellent choice.

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