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1 A large and spacious room with high ceilings rivalling that of the New Buildings, held back only by a severe lack of light after about 14:00 and its position at the ground floor facing into the Swithun's quad.

It's got character; a built in bookshelf, warm wooden panelling, medallions encircling the walls, a coffee table, two chairs and a window seat, a built out but relatively voluminous cupboard and a sink enclosed in a closet with shelving beneath. Storage space is not at a premium but a lot of it is on display to the world and the room is nicely furnished. It feels complete and grand.

A few minor considerations are that there is no sound proofing between the quad and the room and any late night (or day time) activities will be heard by passers by. Also there is a gentle draft, but the radiator is sufficient to keep the room acceptably warm even on the coldest of days. Finally, the shower feels like a prison and is 2 flights up. Bring some lights!
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2 Small. Well, cosy might be a kinder coice of word. Ceiling is fairly high.
Location is very central in college. Ground floor, looking out on to library quad, so not always terribly private, but social- and no need to lug boxes up stairs.
Next door to the best kitchens in Swithuns. Toilet is up 2 flights of stairs- this can be a real pain.
Storage is super- big inbuilt cupboards and a desk-cum-book-case means plenty of room for all your stuff, it's just there's hardly any floor space. It's even difficult to get out the door- there's a chest of drawers in the way that won't fit anywhere else.
Warm, now that the radiator's fixed.
There's a sink and mirror inside a cupboard which is very handy.
Light isn't too bad- one west-facing window and lots of lamps.
If you decorate it enough and make it welcoming it could be very cosy- it will still be one of the last to go in college on the 2nd year ballot though.(Edit)
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3 On the first floor, it is quite
well lit and very quiet indeed owing to a natty combination of thick walls and a view into St. Swithuns quod that makes it sociable yet serene: aah. Unfortunately, it does have
a very squeaky bed, which was there before me (honest) and could be a little noisy / off-putting if you are planning on getting jiggy
(fine for sleeping on though, and I am planning on having a
word with the Home Bursar about it once I can figure out a way to do that without sniggering). It is warm enough although the radiator is bit past it and rarely works. The toilets
and mediocre shower are on the floor above, and the kitchen, which is very good by college standards, is on the ground floor.
All in all a right rollercoaster ride: Four Stars.

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4 A very cosy room on a very quiet staircase with a view of Longwall quad and
the library. Quite big for a second-year room: 10+ people have fitted in
here for Christian Union meetings without too much of a squeeze.
Plus it comes with lots of storage space: a big wardrobe, lots of bookshelves
and 2 cupboards to padlock your things away in over the holidays. It is a bit
dark, so if you are lucky enough to become this room's next proud owner, then
make sure you bring some desk lamps to brighten the place up.
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5 Noise-
None really, and the walls are thick so noisey neighbours isnt a problem.
Its on the third floor, so gets lots of light, especially in the morning.
Fitted wardrobe, chest of drawers, lots of bookshelves, comfy bed, good desk...
The room is next to the loos and showers, but there is no noise from them.
The kitchen is relatively good and as there are only 6 people on the staircase it is not overused.
The views from the room are gorgeous from the tower through New Buildings to the deerpark.(Edit)
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6 This is a pretty big room with a high ceiling, loads of storage space (drawers, bedside cabinet, loads of bookshelves, space under sink, massive wardrobe with hanging space/ shelves and very deep cupboards above the sink and wardrobe), a hidden sink, an alcove for the bed and a bay window. It also has a full length mirror and a little noticeboard. It's quite a dark room but with lamps or fairy lights it's fine. Should also probably mention that the latch on the door isn't reliable, so always take your key with you just in case it shuts on its own!

Looks out over the library and is close to the Late Gate so you will hear people outside in the early hours, but usually not too often. The radiator is really noisy sometimes and there's this weird water sound that gets quite loud randomly, but it becomes white noise really fast. You can hear EVERYTHING that is said in the stairwells/ landings and the door to the bathroom bangs when someone goes in but you get used to that too. Although you can hear everything from the stairs, the walls are really thick so I never hear anything from the room next to mine.

It's great being so close to the toilet and shower (which are a bit claustrophobic but fine), and although it's on the ground floor, it really isn't too bad going down to the kitchen. Although the kitchen isn't the prettiest, it's the best in Swiths for storage and having more than a two-ring burner.

All that being said, I've been in this room for two years now and I like it - it's homely and the scout is lovely!

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