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1 Swithun's IV.1 is a sweet and comfortable little room with a nice bed, a bedside table, bookshelves, a small desk, a chest of drawers and a wardrobe with two drawers underneath. There is a surprising capacity for storage space on top of the wardrobe. Facing directly onto Swithuns is not a problem. The room in general is warm but a big downside is that the bed is (and can only go) right under the window, where there is a huge draft so lots of blankets essential. The door to the staircase banging isn't annoying, but any noise from Room 2 or the landing outside is easily heard. I was around halfway through the first-year group on the ballot (62ish). In short - if you have a blanket, go for it!
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2 A very nice, spacious, ground floor room facing the High Street. Not
particularly noisy as its got double glazing and is set back from the road
itself. Most noise comes from the neighbouring organ scholars, but that is really quite musical. Also has its own piano.

Very handy for the kitchen, which is the best in St.Swithuns, though not so handy for toilet or showers.

Biggest problem with the room is that its a bit short on storage space, but other than that I think its pretty good, so I have lived here for two years. (Edit)
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3 Fantastic set. No longer in room ballot
as has been removed to be used for Fellows accomodation. (Edit)
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4 PIANO ROOM (Edit) yes yes no
5 This room is the average size of the small type of Swithun's room.
There are a couple bookshelves; sink; large desk; coffee table; rather odd wardrobe (goes
front-to-back, not side-to-side); fireplace. Good position in College - facing
into the quad - you can talk to people easily/eavesdrop/spy but won't be disturbed
because you're not on the ground floor. Kitchen is quite small for 14
people, but good compared to Swithuns 3. You're right next to the toilet and about two metres from the shower so theres no trudging about to get to them.
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6 St Swithun's IV:6 is a large, spacious room with all the brilliant twiddly bits you'd expect from a Magdalen room - like moulding and a panelled window seat. It can be a bit dark, but there are plenty of lights to turn on. It faces the road, so it tends to be quite noisy if the window is open, but the dodgy double glazing keeps the hubbub out the rest of the time.

It only has one wardrobe for storage (although there is the inevitable under the bed) which can be a pain, but it does have three tables that are useful. It is conveniently next to the loo and largest shower on the staircase.

There is also a funky mystery door.
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7 Very large set. Been removed from ballot for use as a Fellow's room. (Edit) yes yes no
8 Small but cosy room with view of library. Equipped with sink, mirror, two bookshelves and notice board. Right next door to the shower. Disadvantages: only two power points and lots of drunken visitors.this room is small but cosy.
pros are: nice view over the lawn in front of the library; on the first floor so not many stairs to walk up; has a fridge, sink, and cute fireplace; next to the shower (but you can't hear this); quite a lot of storage space with lots of bookshelves, although the wardrobe is very stupidly designed; there is a kitchen on the staircase.
Cons: although the room is generally quiet, you can hear the late gate slamming which can be very annoying at night if you're a light sleeper; it is a fairly small room, don't expect to entertain lots of people because they won't fit in; it can be hard to fit everything in the way you want it because of the way the sink / plugs / ethernet connection / fireplace are set out; the kitchen is very very very small.

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9 The main reasons why I picked this room are the view, the location and the room itself. The view is fantastic, with the bay window letting you look out across to the Deer Park, New Buildings, Swithuns quad, Presidents lodgings and the tower. The little bay window itself is cool as well. The location is also good, right by the shower and close to the kitchen, and its great being in Swithuns quad, as there are loads of other 2nd years around the quad, and its well placed in college. The room is a good size, although the furniture doesnt fit it very well, including perhaps the worlds biggest desk. There is a door out to Swithuns V, which is handy but also means you get a fair bit of noise from that staircase. Overall, a pretty top room for the 2nd year, was 20th on the ballot.It's a good size room with a lot of character - complete with fireplace,
window seat, and frescoes and very centrally placed within the college, looking
out into St. Swithun's, making it convenient for people-watching. The stone
stairs are lovely and the kitchen is well-equipped, plus you are right next to
an excellent power shower. Mini-fridge in the room.

On the down side, it's a noisy place to live: noise echoes off the stone walls
of the staircase straight into the room, even from the kitchen on the ground
floor, and it comes in from the next staircase along because there is only a
door (no complete wall) between the room and staircase 5. Plus the room is
directly above the Organ Scholar. And people tend to congregate under the
big bay window to have late night chats after getting chucked out of the bar/
Lower Oscar Wilde room etc. and on their way out of the late gate, which you
can also hear through the single glazing. Not recommended for Finalists who need their sleep. It faces east so you see great sunrises, but its position in
the corner of the quad means sunlight doesn't come into the room itself.
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10 A cozy room with a fine view of swithuns. Can be dark, and mattress needs a steam-roller. Also noise; doors thin, and due to a joining of rooms, you can hear most of what goes on in the next door room (and also the toilet!).
Kitchen=OK, useful. Desk not of ideal dimensions (esp height). (Edit)
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11 Noise:
On High St so can hear traffic in a big way when the double glazing is not
shut- is only faint when shut, but not completely peaceful.

Big tall windows so it is very light in the daylight- need more lamps for evening since the overhead light is not that efficient!

An original buit in cupboard which is, to be honest, the envy of many. Nice fire place, which has not been boarded up and a really great sized room.

Walls are very thick so there is little scope for neighbour rows over music etc.
At the top of Swithuns so you have to cope with the endless stairclimbing...especially when you are rather forgetful.
Toilet opposite (handy for rough nights) and the showers are fine- rather powerful.

No probs over all- I was around halfway on the ballot- not sure why it
did not go sooner...

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12 Large set on the top floor (long trek up the stairs) overlooking the high street. Generally the room is in pretty good nick and carpets etc are all fairly nice. Old fire place and mantelpiece in sitting room which really add to room. Very good for chilling, if the noise of the buses does not drive you insane.

Good Things
Two rooms
Good carpet

Bad Things
Very Very Very Very Noisy

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13 My room has character, leaded windows and a stone fireplace (blocked up) although the furniture is pretty good and modern. It has a lovely red carpet. Its right by the shower which is convenient but up lots of stairs. I have not found it noisy but you can hear the late gate slamming. It looks out on the library. The scouts are lovely.This room is small but cosy with lots of character - leaded window, stone fireplace (blocked up). It's right next to the shower which is convenient but there is no bath on the staircase. Very good kitchen on the ground floor. Nice view over Longwall quad and the library. Generally pretty quiet although you can hear the late gate shutting. Bad points - not much storage space and up lots of stairs but the glow in the dark stars all over the ceiling more than make up for this!" (Edit) yes no no
14 2002: Beautiful view over Swithuns quad, New Buildings and a bit of the deer park. Room has just been redecortaed so in pristine state. Shower opposite, kitchen two floors down, stairs a bit of a pain when loading & unloading, but better than say one of the attics.Good size, nice window bench seat, plenty of hanging space but not that much other storage, reasonably quiet.2003: Swithuns 4:14 is a pretty nice room, much the same size as all the other biggish swithuns rooms, with a pretty window seat and a location that enables you to spy on virtually anyone in college if you choose... It was painted a couple of years ago and is still pretty nice. It's right opposite the shower and has a toilet on the same floor (unlike ground floor Swithuns 4), but isn't that near the kitchen. There are quite a few stairs, but the exercise keeps you fit (just make sure you recruit some friends to help you move in). Furniture's fine, although desk could be bigger, and chest of drawers is huuuuuge... The room is very quiet, especially if you shut the outer door, but Swithuns 4 is a really sociable corridor and lots of fun!
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