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Despite the gloomy photograph, this is a very nice well-heated room with a
nice character. It has loads of storage, and a modern desk. There is no
overhead lighting but this is not a big problem - contributes to the
atmosphere really.

It has secondary double glazing and its set back from the high street so
the noise isnt a problem. Its on the ground floor - a gift for moving in
and out! This is also as far as I know one of the only St Swithuns room
with a fridge (though this may change by next year).

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Pretty small, basically a lower end of the ballot second year room, on the ground floor of St. Swithuns, facing out into the quad. Advantages of this are that you have lots of friendly people coming by to distract you from your work :-) The room itself is in ok condition, although the lighting is pretty terrible-no overhead lighting at all, one big stand-up lamp with ugy lampshade and a few smaller desk lights. But you do get quite a lot of light during the day. Cupboard space is around average, a bedside table with two drawers, a wardrobe with a few cupboards, and shelving space along one wall. Bad points: lighting, one window is broken and does not lock, but you could probably sort that out with maintenance if you could be bothered, small. Good points: nice and warm and cosy, ground floor is a bonus when drunk, toilet just next door and shower across landing. But beware that swithuns three has an absolutely appalling kitchen - if you take this room you will be fine (happy even!) so long as you have friends in swithins two/four, or Grove! (Edit)
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3 SSIII.3 is a large ground floor Swithun’s room (rooms on this quad come in two sizes: large and small), facing on to the High. In my year (06/07) this was the last large Swithun’s room to go; I was 51st on the second year ballot. However, the person in this room in the year before me got it from much lower, and in other years, people in the top quarter of the ballot have chosen it.

Light is appalling. There are no ceiling lights, and because this is a ground floor room, the window is quite narrow and not much light gets in. Bring additional lights to the stand-alone ones provided.

There is sufficient storage: a part length wardrobe, cupboards above, under-bed draws. Standard Swithun’s.

The worst thing (and the reason why it was the last large Swithun’s room to go) is that on one wall, the wall paper is peeling off (from a damp problem, which we don’t have anymore). I’m not sure whether maintenance are willing to fix this as I e-mailed them the Trinity term before I moved in, and nothing’s been done. All you can do is cover it up (posters, flags…).

Desk, upright arm chair, desk chair, table, bedside table, bed, shelving; I think that’s pretty much the furniture inventory (Edit)
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4 The room has a good location. On the ground floor. Looks into the quad so all your friends can knock on your window and pester you. Then again, remember to draw your curtains for some privacy!
Strangely no light in the ceiling and since windows are not huge could do with better lighting.
Quite alot of storage space. A little bit small but not too much to complain about. Not noisy.


'Ideal location on the corner of St Swithun's and ground floor so friends can knock on the window and chat. On the downside, people tend to look in so close the curtains for some privacy and can often be noisy as people stand outside the window and speak (loudly). Room is also quite small, cold and, inexplicably, has no light in the ceiling. On the positive side the room has plenty of storage space, Swithun's III ain't bad and the room has a degree of "character". (Edit)
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5 Really nice room, large and spacious with plenty of storage space. View is over the road so a bit noisy, but there are double glazed windows so its not a problem. Really good facilities (bath/power showers/kitchen) which all work (!) There are swanky relief motifs on the wall, and a window seat to make you feel rah. Slightly bizarre in that there is no central light but loads of lamps so its really light nonetheless.


This is a great room, probably for the top of the 2nd year. It is very spacious and well-decorated, with plenty of storage and shelf space.

Pros: high ceilings, panelled walls and motifs
sofa and bay window
large enclosed sink
on a staircase, which means there are people around but still some privacy
faces south

Cons: quite noisy from the traffic, echoing staircase and floor above
no overhead light, but three lamps provided
TINY kitchen
although it faces south, some of the light is blocked by the tree outside, and view is of the High Street
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6 Although small, the room is funky as it overlooks the quad and the deer park
(you can even catch a view of New Buildings), and that really gives an
amazing atmosphere to it.
Also really easy to heat up as it is err, not very big at all.
Kitchen, bath and bog are all on the floor (ie, about three steps away max),
which is so convenient. If you get on with the people on the staircase, its
a really cosy place to live in, almost like a flat.
Huge cupboards, sink, little lobby (funky to decorate!) so central to college and to everything, so close to the computer tower you can even bring your cuppa tea when you have a late night essay crisis there.
I cant think of any really bad thing about it, maybe apart from the fact
that it is not amazingly bright- but with lamps its fine.
Just generally very cheerful room to be in- or maybe thats just me.


This room is a brilliant. It has everything you’d want out of a room and it is all neatly packed away. What it lacks in size, it certainly makes up for in organisation, and there is a good amount of floor space.

The view out of the window is excellent. You can see the dear park, New Buildings and, of course, the quad. The room is located well in college and the facilities on the staircase are good. There are two showers and the bathroom is right next door to the room itself. The kitchen is OK providing you don’t want to use any more than two hobs and a small oven at a time. There are also three toilets on the staircase.

The room has plenty of storage space and the sink is hidden away inside a cupboard so you can just throw all the washing up in there and shut the door. One downside to the room is that it is north facing and so there is not a great deal of light, and the lights provided in the room are not really bright enough in the evenings. Apart form that it is a great room, on one of the better staircases in St Swithun’s.
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7 A nice spacious room facing the High Street. Lack of overhead light is a bad point but I would definitely recommend this room.
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8 This is a good but fairly standard second year room. Here are the pros: It is a good size, it has loads of storage space, the bed is quite comfy, it is generally quiet (apart from after bops when you shouldn’t be in your room anyway) and most of all it has a great view. The cons are: the shower is quite powerful but has a tendency to go cold, the kitchen is a bit rubbish, there are quite a lot of stairs and the desk isn’t very nice, although it is large. I mainly chose the room for the view and the fact that Swithuns is a really sociable place to be, but it’s a pretty good room anyhow. (Edit) yes no no
Top floor looking over the high street. Spacious room with a really high ceiling.

The scouts are really friendly and will always stop for a chat.

However there is no ceiling light and the other lights supplied by college are useless so you will need your own floorstand. Also the Kitchen on this staircase leaves a lot to be desired.

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10 Faces into college, so is smaller than those in Swithuns overlooking the high street, but has a lovely view of the deer park. No problems with noise, and light isnt bad, although gets quite dark at night as there is no central ceiling light, just 3 lamps. Lots of storage space and is on a good staircase as there are 2 showers, a bath, 3 toilets and a kitchen. A reasonably sized room, it has a nice feel to it and the high ceiling makes it seem bigger. (Edit) yes no no
Big room and fun staircase but can gets hot (is hot in here now and only January!!) and is very noisy if you open the windows. Nice-ish views over rose lane (good sunsets) but doesn't seem to catch a lot of light. All in all a pretty good room in a social bit of college. (Edit)
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Light: One large window provides a fair amount of daylight but not exactly dazzling. Electric light is bad (huge lamp like a saucepan and desk light) so in general not brilliantly lit.
View: Lovely view across to quad to the summer deer park next to New Buildings, great when the deer are there.
Noise: A fair amount of noise from room 11 (you can hear internal phone calls, most music played, etc). Might be a problem without a considerate neighbour. You can also hear a bit of noise from rooms 9 & 10 across the corridor if they are being especially loud.
General: Loads of shelf space and enough storage (including cunning under-bed cupboards). Nice character & features although not as attractive as the odd-numbered (larger) Swithuns rooms. The kitchen is far too small and ill-equipped. The shower (only 5 steps from the door) is great. A good sociable atmosphere.

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