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It's a nice big room, with loads of wall space for posters and stuff (very
high ceilings). Annoyingly, there's no notice board at the moment, and no
mirror by the sink (but there's one on the chest of drawers), or shaver
point (have to go downstairs for the nearest one). No lamps either, and
there's no shade on the light... which is one of those energy-saving ones
and isn't bright enough. So bring lamps. Might get most of this sorted out
this term, though. Piece of wall abovebed is covered with old bluetack...
might save you getting told off - just stick stuff on what's already there.

BUT It's a great 2nd year room and usually completely ignored by people high
up the ballot (I got it at about pos. 100 or something). Very quiet (except
taffic rumble outside). Almost exactly between the Bar and Harvey's - bonus.
Warm, once you figure the radiator out. Tutor next door during the day, but
walls are thick. Great fireplace, decent storage, enormous desk, and cool
phone thingy which lets you unlock the door for people downstairs. Loads of
chairs and a coffee table. Sweet.
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9 Situated in the arch between St. John's Quad and St. Swithun's with views to both. Room on the second floor with entry phone and wide stone staircase. On a three room floor with shared shower room and toilet facilities. Shared kitchen on NEXT-DOOR staircase. Delightful large room with stone mullioned windows, window seats and stained glass. Oak panelled walls, large fireplace and large oak desk. Quiet, central, safe and atmospheric.

Only small downside of this room is that you can hear people going up and down to the computer room above. (Edit)
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10 This is the boat club captains room, so isnt in the room ballot. It has a small hallway (normally full of wet rowing stuff), a large main room filled with rowing memerabelia, and a bedroom. It is the only student room on the staircase.

If you want this room you
a) Need to be a boatie
b) Have lots of boatie mates who will vote you in as captain(Edit)
(Last Updated: probably a long time ago...)
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