New Buildings

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Staircase Description
New Buildings 1 One of the quietest staircases in a quiet building, next to Addison\'s walk. The rooms are arranged in pairs, with a couple of tutors close by. The nearest kitchen is a hike along the attic corridor and the ceilings are not exactly soundproof, but these are the only downsides to an attractive, spacious and warm area. (Edit)
New Buildings 4 Has a bath and a shower on the main staircase, loos on both floors within easy reach. The bath is fine and has a nice view over Cloisters, if youre an exhibitionist. If you are 6ft 4', however, then its far too small. The shower is good but leaks. There is a decent sized kitchen upstairs on the Top Corridor, which has a microwave that works but grumbles menacingly should you ever try to use it. Any food or utensils left in this kitchen will get stolen. No ever does any washing up, either. (Edit)
New Buildings 6 (Edit)