Longwall Quad

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Staircase Description
Longwall 1 The communal facilities for this staircase are good, adn shared between 4 rooms.

The major drawback of this staircase is if you are a culinary genius - the only kitchen in Longwall Quad is located on staircase 3 and is tiny - it only has a microwave and a Baby Belling, which does not allow you to use the hobs and oven simultaneously. (Edit)
Longwall 2 Facilities in the staircase vary - the bath is excellent: fast-running andalways plenty of hot water, the toilets are fine if a little chilly sometimes, the shower is reasonable but not great.

The lack of kitchen (nearest one in Longwall III, quite a hike from some rooms) is quite frustrating, and unfortunately the one kitchen in the building is very small and underequipped - not a place for budding chefs, it just about stretches to beans & bacon etc.

Nearest washing facilites Swithuns VI, (same for all the staircases around here). All in all, besides the lack of kitchen the facilities are very good. (Edit)
Longwall 3 The communal facilities for Longwall III are fairly good, except for the kitchen - which is shared with the other 2 staricases and the Attics - which is tiny; it only has a microwave and a Baby Belling (which does not allow you to use the hobs and oven simultaneously) and a fridge but no freezer. (Edit)