St. Swithuns Quad

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Staircase Description
St Swithuns 1 Nobody much lives on this staircase, so somewhat lacking in communal facilities... (Edit)
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St Swithuns 2 The kitchen is fairly well equipped: Cupboard space is good, there is a full size 4-hob/grill/oven affair (although there are no shelves in the oven or grill at the moment, and the fan that automatically comes on when the cooker is switched on is noisy). There is 1 fridge/freezer, which is generally sufficient for the staircase. There is also general storage space under the stairs, in case ironing boards/junk won't fit in rooms!

There is one toilet and one shower for the staircase (again, generally sufficient for the needs of the staircase). The loo is, of course, great. The shower isn't bad, usually hot, and a decent pressure, although don't expect a power shower. There are more toilet/bath/shower things in St Swithuns III if you ever do have problems using the ones on this staircase.

The hall/staircase/landings are large (room enough for chairs/sofas, more communal areas if you like that kind of thing). The floor is stone, but it isn't too cold - the staircase is well heated. The entrance to the Old Law Library is on the ground floor, but this isn't a problem - it is only generally used for classes, and no-one lives above (part of the Development Office, accessed from St Swithuns I) - it doesn't mean that you have to be quiet!

There is a storage room on second floor, which is convenient for international students over the vac!

Generally, a good staircase with a decent kitchen (unlike St Swithuns III, for example, or lots of other areas of college) - and the scouts are lovely too!!! (Edit)
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St Swithuns 3 Swithuns III has all the basic communal facilities you need - shower/bath and toilet on each floor (shared by four people), and the showers are pretty good, although not exactly of the power-shower variety. The kitchen is located on the first floor. However, if you are choosing a room in Swithuns when there is still quite a lot of availability bear in mind that some of the other staircases do have better quality facilities - the kitchen on Swithuns III is tiny, and there is only really room for one person to cook at a time. The cooker consists of two little hobs on top of something which supposedly functions as an oven but i have never seen it in action! Thus if you are a fan of cooking your own gourmet dishes a la Jamie Oliver you might want to try staircases 2 or 4 (or make friends with the people who live

there!) But it is fine for pasta, beans on toast and other staples of student life, and a poor kitchen is better than none (ask many of the residents of longwall or cloisters attic...) There are no washing machines on the staircase, but these can be found in Swithuns VI, so its not exactly far to go. Finally (assuming they stick around) the scouts are relatively cool, and dont mind notes on doors along the lines of "Please ignore my room today, it is a tip and I am catching up on sleep after a late night", which any of you who have been woken up uneccessarily at 9am on a Monday will undoubtedly appreciate! (Edit)
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St Swithuns 4 Kitchen fairly decent, microwave, fridge, cooker, sink, 5 cupboards.
Showers generally decent, two on first floor, two on third floor.
Toilets on first and second floor.
Nearest washing machines (two washers, two driers) on Swithuns staircase 6. (Edit)
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St Swithuns 5 One shower: roomy, primitive but usually enough water of sufficient temperature. One quickly adjusts to mild aroma of cabbage (tee-hee), situated on top floor. Bottom line: great to lather, even better to share (like many things in life).

Two toilet cubicles: adjacent to one another and to the shower.
Everything one could ask for and more.

No bath. I think there is one elsewhere in Swithuns but Im not sure where it is. (Ed - Swithuns VI has small baths, or else Longwall)

No washing machines. Closest are in Swithuns VI. Why not just take emergency washing into the shower?

Kitchen: the trump card of Swithuns 5. Spacious. Quaint view onto Longwall quad. Situated on ground floor. .
All in all, something for everyone. A promising six out of ten. (Edit)
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St Swithuns 6 St Swithuns 6 has 2 washing machines and 2 tumble dryers that serve most of this area of college.
Kitchen - small but adequately equipped and convenient.
Three showers (ground floor), including large disabled access shower room. Easily sufficient for the staircase, never any need to wait. (Edit)
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