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Cloisters Attic Very small and underfitted kitchen, but otherwise a very nice corridor.

Ceiling has the wooden beam visible, coridor is wide, and the whole area is well heated.

Also very close to hall and the JCR. (Edit)
Longwall Attic Communal facilities shared among rather a lot of rooms, but there are good communal facilities on all the staircases below.

The major drawback of the attics is if you are a culinary genius - the only kitchen in Longwall Quad is located on staircase 3 and is tiny - it only has a microwave and a Baby Belling, which does not allow you to use the hobs and oven simultaneously. (Edit)
New Buildings Attic The kitchen must be the largest ones in the main part of the college. There is a large fridge but no freezer which is a pain in the ass. There is an oven/4 hobs, a microwave, toaster, kettle and lots of cupboard and workspace.

There must be more than 10 toilets along the corridor for less than 20 people which is great. The tolets are large and clean, with large entrance areas with a sink and good mirrors. The baths are ok - small and white and the showers mixed but in general hot water and clean -but some a little shabby but definitely moderate to good in terms of colege.

The corridor is light and warm. There are 82 steps to get up (nice wooden panelled) but if you can handle that you are on to a good thing. The down side is being away from switihins/longwall but you will get a better room for your money in terms of a nice set etc. There are 20 people up here and many more below and thern is a nice mix of dons, 3rd and 2nd years and so you meet people outside of your year.

Washing facilties - on the basement of new buildings so a net journey of 164 steps well 328 if you are me and always forget money or wash powder. There are 3 good washing machines and 3 dryers if I recall.

Scouts-up here they are absolutely great and gorgeous and lovely and it is woth mentioning this as some people seem to moan about theirs. These ones are really chaty and do loads of good things extra. (not dodgy) anything else? - well new buildings must be the best looking of all the college. (Edit)
Longwall Annex (Edit)
The Gatehouse All rooms have two doors, the front door opening onto the main stairwell and the back door leading to a bathroom and shower room. Both loos and showers are on the second floor and are, therefore, available easily to everyone living in these rooms.

Generally it is a very nice house and as you walk up the stairs you are rewarded by the beautiful view of the Magdalen Tower. And there is a garden, which is great for summer barbeques etc. plus there is a bikeshed which is always very full, but it is there.
You share the house with 4 tutors, but they tend to leave their rooms in the late afternoon, so no worries about parties etc (Edit)
St. John's Quad The facilities in St. Johns staircase are average. There are three toilets for four students, although one is used by the college as a whole. There is one very good shower for the staircase, which is adaquate, but which has a curtain which always sticks to you if you are trying to shower.

The kitchen is very small and basically equipped. The fridge is well sized and modern, but the small size portable oven/stove doesn\\\'t make cooking for large groups easy. You must, of course, provide your own utensils. There are two public telephone booths in this staircase, next to the graduate post room, although all the rooms have phone and ethernet connections. (Edit)
1 Longwall St. (Edit)
58a High St. (Edit)
Schoolhouse A small building on Longwall Street. Large kitchen can create a friendly house atmosphere. (Edit)
Longwall Cottage Small white building opposite entrance to 1/2 Longwall St courtyard. Excellent kitchen, really good for friends. Generally good facilities spread out quite evenly

Best scout in college - Lottage adores Irene

2 Longwall St. 2 Longwall boasts one of the best kitchens in college. The rooms are a mixture of ensuite, partially ensuite and sink, but there several bathrooms spaced around the place, so even the rooms without facilities aren't too badly off.

The walls are a bit thin, but it's perfect for those who want the facilities and don't mind it not being as 'traditional Oxford' as Swithuns and New Buildings! (Edit)
57 Highstreet (Edit)